About Us

Our mission is to widespread classical music and make it available for free or at a low cost to the greatest possible number of people.

1Classical.com is no-profit: we reinvest all the revenues from advertising to improve our website, add new music, communicate to our users and make non-users aware of the existance of this website.

1Classical.com doesn't host music or score files on it's server. The files are hosted on servers all over the world, they aren't affiliated with us in any way.

All the music to which we link is “public domain”: it is not protected by federal copyright law and is free to be used, copied and distributed by anyone without attribution, permission, license or royalty payment.  A work may become part of the public domain for a variety of reasons, including expiration of the term of copyright protection, failure of the work to qualify for copyright protection, or dedication of the work to the public domain by the work’s author.